10 years of ARLL! Happy anniversary to us!

August 5, 2021 9:44 am

This life is very strange! It takes you on various paths, it puts in the way some people who either lift you up and give you energy or leave you weak and drained of strength as if you don’t know yourself anymore! There are times when everything is going well for you on all levels, but then you get into a rut as if you can’t see the bottom of it anymore!

And they all have a finality, a loop that closes and a meaning that at the end you understand and find answers to all the WHYs you have ever had!

10 years ago, after many consecutive losses (more emotional than material)… I was struggling with a severe depression and I was spending time in England in a park and I was feeding the swans thinking WHERE TO GO from that point?! The metaphoric rubber band kept pulling me back to the comfort zone at work from where I had eventually left in a moment of overflowing glass; I had 2 job offers on salaries I never dreamed of (one in Paris and one in London) and I chose to start from scratch… a company! I think I had the feeling that a child has when he enters high school… “I will see along the way”… without knowing clearly where I wanted to go.

And the journey began… like in a roller coaster in which at the beginning you center you nod… then you suffocate because you can’t move forward without help and so on! And there come those individuals who would either bring you a lot of joy or would simply kill you. And you get up, gather, wipe away your tears (so many mornings waking up with tears rolling down from my eyes) and move on!

And how naive I was, doing everything by myself and still doing it all… And you put your soul on the tray and you always think that your business partner / employee has good intentions like you and wants to be good… but it’s not always like that! I enter over and over again even more passionately in another adventure and I come out wrinkled again, but I learn from mistakes!

I have economic studies (faculties, master’s degrees done at famous universities) but they are not always useful, because one is theory, another is practice! The temperament of various nationalities is so different, they will erase everything you have ever learned in school. What Kotler teaches you about marketing, no longer fits with social media in 2021… and so on!

Every day you have to read, learn and especially work to keep up! And in this jurisprudence with many, many numbers (over 100 former employees, many current employees, tens of thousands of customers, huge sums of money actually passed through accounts), I woke up in 2021 that 10 years have passed and that I have a cake in front of me! Around the age of 20+, I went to a mega wow party at Flamingo Computers when they were 10 years old and I thought it was something extraordinary! And now ARLL is… 10 years old!

I wouldn’t have gotten here without the people around me! Without those who left a piece of their soul in this story at some point! Life brings you many opportunities. If you are blasé and let yourself be carried away by the wave, you get where you deserve! But if you wake up in the morning with a pure soul and go to work to build something, to make someone’s life better, you can’t go wrong, no matter what you do!

ARLL is 10 years old! Our retail store is 3 years old! Karllmob is at the beginning and who knows what the future will bring!

Pay your employees well, but most of all, treat them humanly!

Work side by side with them because you are the heart and brain of any business!

Do not lie to your client and always do something extra as small as his expectations!

The divinity will take care of the rest!

Thank you!