May 23, 2023 1:01 pm

Are you new to the reselling business? While buying whole pallets or truckloads can be cost-effective, knowing how to efficiently sort inventory is crucial to save money.

Organizing hundreds of items may sound intimidating, but we are here to help! Read below to find 5 easy steps to create a fast and smart inventory sorting process.

1. Get your space ready

Before receiving new inventory, be sure that you’ve properly cleared a space to process, sort, and store the products. You want to have an open but covered space (like a garage or a warehouse) – this is ideal as it provides flexibility to sort your items while still protecting them.

Be aware of your order’s delivery method and the space it may require. For example, ARLL delivers both to residences as well as warehouses. However, you need a truck sized parking and a relatively large space for the pallet to be placed and unpacked.

If you’re just getting started or are short on space, we recommend ordering a pallet first before scaling up to truckloads.

2. Use your packing list

The packing list is the list of all items included in a particular pallet or joblot. It is a great resource for both researching and sorting your lot. Once your order arrives, check your packing list as you unpack to ensure all items and quantities are accounted for.

ARLL offers the best packing list accuracy guarantee. If the condition, quantity or presence of your items are different than what’s listed on the packing list, contact our team within 7 days of receiving your order and we’ll gladly assist you.

3. Divide and conquer

Manage your inventory by creating an organizational system that will enable you to both track the inventory you have and locate items once you’re ready to ship them. Some common methods include sorting by: product type, appearance, and where you intend to sell them. There is no best way to organize your inventory, so play around until you find a method that works for you.

4. Fix cosmetic issues

After sorting the inventory, spend a few minutes touching up items to improve their appearance.

Find ways to improve the appearance of your products prior to selling them. Take simple steps like dusting, re-boxing or re-taping open boxes and removing old clearance stickers can lead to better product photos and increased customer satisfaction. Doing this will make you more money down the road.

5. Put your inventory for sale

Now that you’ve finished with the organizational part, it’s time to put that inventory where customers can see it! If you sell the products online, as you’re putting items away, start creating draft listings that include basic information about each product. At the end, use the packing list to fill in additional product details.

When selling in a shop, start by organizing your shelves to accommodate the new products, while making them easy to navigate for your customers.

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