March 13, 2023 9:18 pm

Are you a business owner reselling liquidated merchandise? If you are ready to take the next step to grow your business, read below to see what are the benefits of buying liquidation truckloads. Moving up from buying liquidation pallets to full truckloads is a much larger investment in both time and effort. However, if you’re looking to turn a side hustle into a real, growing, full-time business the investment can be well worth.

Moving up from liquidation pallets to a full truckload requires a large investment and more from you in terms of planning and processing – we will go through everything you need to know before taking this step in order to help your business run more smoothly.

Must Haves Before Buying a Truckload of Merchandise

When you are ready to start buying a full truckload, you need to make sure you have the following:

  • Enough space. A truckload contains 26 pallets measuring 101 x 121 cm with a maximum of 20000 kg of merchandise. Do you have enough space to unload, store, and process this amount of merchandise? If you don’t currently have the space, you will need to find and lease warehouse space which requires extra capital.
  • Manpower. Processing such a large amount of merchandise will take a significant amount of time and manpower. This type of work is generally not a job for just a person. If your business is going to continue to grow you must invest in manpower and tools to save you time and streamline your processes. Since you will be operating out of a commercial space there is going to be increased pressure to turn over the goods.
  • A plan. You will need to make significant changes to your business model in order to thrive as a liquidation truckload buyer. Also you need to expand your sales channels. You can choose to sell the merchandise by pallet, or in a storefront or online or use a combination of these.
  • Time. You will need to consider that if you are buying liquidation merchandise, especially customer returns, you will also need to invest time in making these goods saleable. That could entail repair, cleaning, accessorizing or re-packaging. In addition, you need to invest time and effort in learning tools to help automate your processes as much as possible.

Obviously, that’s a lot to digest so it is imperative that before you buy a truckload you put together a proper business plan before making any investment. Having a strategy is crucial when buying truckloads in order to get the benefits.

Benefits of Buying Truckloads of Merchandise from ARLL

Firstly and most important, buying large loads of liquidation or closeout merchandise is a great way to increase your profit margins and save you time and money. But it’s important that you only buy truckload merchandise from trusted sources. Here are the benefits of buying from us:

1. Higher Profits

Wholesale bulk buying of liquidation merchandise can greatly increase your profit margins. When you buy a truckload of liquidation merchandise you are sourcing your inventory at the best possible price point directly from the retailer. Truckload buyers enjoy significant savings over single pallet buyers.

2. Cheaper Shipping

When buying a full truckload of liquidation merchandise all of the pallets in your order will ship at the same time on the same truck allowing you to streamline and optimize your transportation and warehouse load processing costs.

3. Untouched Loads

Our loads are completely untouched and not cherry picked. We provide you with the inventory in the same virgin form it is received. With this inventory you will receive a manifest so you know exactly what you are buying on each wholesale pallet.

4. Inventory Quality

The products come direct from the retailers. When you buy from us you are getting top quality merchandise direct before it’s been sold and cherry picked by middlemen.

5. Always in Stock

We can provide you with a steady stream of wholesale products to ensure you are always in stock. We handle all the details. You just tell us how much inventory you need and how often you need it and we will work out all the logistics to make it happen.

6. Dedicated Support

We have a dedicated sales team who handle our liquidation truckload sales. You will have direct access to a dedicated professional who is extremely knowledgeable about wholesale liquidation and can assist you to optimize your freight costs. They will work closely with you to ensure a constant flow of high quality merchandise is coming into your facilities so you are always in stock.

ARLL Group of Companies offers the best quality services in Europe and you can be assured of consistent inventory and fast shipping. We can handle large quantities of liquidated merchandise and we have the best client service.

ARLL is here to help you buy the best truckload inventory and navigate your business, so you can make profit quickly. To learn more and receive a personalized offer, please contact our sales team. You can now buy entire truckloads directly from our website.

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