August 7, 2023 9:11 am

Summertime can mean a slower season for sales for many small business owners, as their customers’ time is caught between outdoor activities and people going on vacation.

But summer doesn’t have to be a low revenue season. Instead, there are tactics you could implement right now to help make the most of the vacation season for your re-selling business.

1. Keep your social media presence

You can help boost revenue through social media by reminding your audience that you are a go-to source for their summertime needs. The content you share doesn’t necessarily have to directly relate to selling your products or services.

      Share content that’s engaging while still keeping it relevant to what you do. For example you can share summer vacation ideas, house decoration ideas etc. By providing content your customers can enjoy, your business will be top of mind when someone needs to purchase items for their summer plans.

      2. Add new products

      A summer slowdown offers you space and time to try out new products, testing items in ways similar to trying out new customer experiences. Look for seasonal items or products about which customers have recently asked. The next step is to find vendors to help you offer those and promote them on all your channels.

      Let your regular customers know there are new products that they need to try and provide feedback.

      3. Discount, discount, discount

      Summer is known for sales, and for good reason: they draw out customers who are looking for good deals. This is the best time to create a promotion calendar with discounts, special offers, coupons, gifts, and/or bundles.

      If you don’t already have a loyalty program, start one and consider giving double credit during the last days of summer.

      4. Update your prices

      You may fear that you could lose customers if you raise prices, which is probably why you might not have done so in years. However, this is the time to stop operating in fear and start boosting those sales. Some customers perceive bigger value and higher priced items.

      5. Offer online orders and flexible delivery solutions

      This is the time to test new customer experiences with time to tweak them. Plus, if you can get it right, you have found a new way to boost summer revenue and survive the lean times.

      Try delivery solutions that gives the customer more control over their purchase, which may get them to buy more.

      6. Engage with your community at seasonal events

      In-person events have become popular again as a way to reconnect. This is an opportunity to boost summer revenue and interact with the community and potential customers.

      You may also want to invest in a sponsorship that gets your brand noticed in more places besides just at the local event. This provides a way to get coverage online and direct connection to your website.

      7. Create summer window displays/summer graphics for your website

      Turn your location into a relaxed shopping experience by dressing your windows and ecommerce site with visuals reflecting vacation mood. Your customers and audience are in a summertime mood, so your business should reflect this same spirit. These visuals will be engaging and may even encourage your audience to shop. Add summer graphics to your website or special summer promotions landing page.

      8. Keep it simple

      If you have complex products in your store, you’ve got focus on the simplest of items right now. The key is to keep the ball moving forward. If it’s too complex, they’re going to make excuses and try to postpone the purchase. You’ve got to be short and quick, so keep it simple. Sell in the first piece, then sell in the next piece.

      Now you have all the tactics you need to sell your products for this summer season’s end. ARLL is here to give you useful resources, so you can start making profit quickly. Check out all our offers here.

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