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June 28, 2021 11:59 am

The Covid-19 pandemic has polarised retail. While supermarkets and major online retailers have never had such a big increase in sales, many other businesses face crippling closures and an uncertain future. With enormous social change, big shifts in consumer habits have intervened. This got me thinking! What actions should your retail business take now to ensure you’re prepared to deal with life beyond the pandemic?

Retailers are experiencing one of the biggest and most rapid shake-ups in terms of consumer buying and spending habits. With the majority of bricks and mortar retail stores closed, shoppers have turned to online retailers and supermarkets for goods.

It’s time to re-examine your operations and conduct a range of what-if analysis to determine how to work most effectively.

With profits under the question mark, the only thing that can help is the PRICE! Those retailers that have gained customers during the pandemic will have to find solutions to keep them. And those that have lost customers will need to find out how to get them back.

Customers now spend desperately on holidays while many consumer goods areas face sky-rocking price increases: construction materials, metal, polypropylene, wood etc. All these will reflect on prices and in the coming recession.

Here at ARLL – we are approaching the 10th year anniversary and we try proactively to help you – our customer to have access to the best deals on large home appliances, furniture, toys and many others.

Therefore, we are launching a B2B platform, where you can log in and have access in real time to our best deals. We have Make an Offer deals or Buy Now ones, but the distinctive benefit from buying from ARLL group is that there will always be someone with whom you can talk about the offers, about the transport, taxes and to get answers from to your questions, rather than just a B2B interface!

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