Business idea to help you grow profits!


August 31, 2023 1:16 pm

Welcome back from the holidays!

We have an amazing business idea that we already tried and completed as very successful!
And we will share it with you so you can start your new business year with success and profit.As you already know, we are FBA Amz Liquidators! And not only do we provide these lots with you, our amazing customers, but we also re-sell in our B2C online store and our 5 offline stores in Romania.
So, what is this all about?

Creating the new B2C campaign.

This is how Amz pallets/ lots/ boxes look like. And since we needed a clearance period to make room for more pallets, the fastest way to clear and still make profit with them was the Mystery Box and the Mystery Envelope. We divided the cost of a lot into the number of parcels (boxes & envelopes), added a margin of 120% and this way we calculated our prices per parcel (a bigger price for the box of course).
Want to know how that worked out for us?
It was madness, I tell you!

Customers were bursting into our stores to get at least one of these parcels. They were so excited to find out what the boxes revealed, knowing also it was Amz stock.

For 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), we kept supplying the stores with 2 trucks per store, as boxes were being sold at the speed of light
How did we promote the Mystery Boxes?

Social Media is the key.

Mystery Boxes are very trendy right now and the possibilities of marketing are endless. You can play with ideas both in online or offline stores.

We used most platforms to promote it: Facebook (informing prices), Instagram posts (photos that draw attention) and stories (creating some fun images and links taking the customers to our website), newsletters letting customers know about the new promotion and the Amz clearance, TikTok (they draw most attention by viralising videos with unboxing and people reaction), Snapchat (fun snaps and stories letting contacts know about the promotion).
Why do we disclose our most successful campaign?!

We need you successful. Your success and profit is our gain, as well. We help you grow your business and profit, you continue buying stocks with us. Everybody wins!

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