Fall Inventory Must Haves

September 28, 2022 8:37 am

Fall is that time of year when there’s a chill in the air, the leaves are changing color and the supermarkets are filling with pumpkin flavored products.

Autumn is a mix of indoor and outdoor activities. On more pleasant days, people spend time outdoor to enjoy the changing nature; on days when it seems like winter is beginning to creep in they’d rather cozy up inside and do activities around the house.

Autumn brings a big shopping opportunity for products related to these activities. If you are looking to acquire an inventory for fall, here are some categories you should be looking at.


Shoppers will start to prepare for the cool weather by shopping for warm clothes like sweaters, jackets, new footwear, and winter activewear. Loungewear is also back in fashion, as the pandemic created a burst for the Global Loungewear Market, whose size is projected to reach approximately USD 10 Billion by 2027. Also sales of pajamas more than doubled in 2020 compared with 2019, the fastest growth among clothing categories.

Furniture and accessories

People spending more time indoors means they are willing to invest to make their lounging area more cozy. That may translate into getting new furniture, couches and beds. Other products like blankets, pillows and duvets are not to be missed this winter also!

Children’s toys

The shorter days means families will spend more time inside. Anti-stress toys, coloring and painting supplies, puzzles and bath toys will be purchased more frequently than in the summer.

Other toys made to help the little ones use their energy on rainy days like indoor slides and tunnels, balls and jumping ropes will be on parents’ lists as well.


Autumn is about coziness! People start to enjoy cooler days at home and are starting to look for products that will add comfort to their home. Fall is the time they will treat themselves to a new coffee machine to make that perfect latte, or maybe try a new pancake or sandwich maker.

Kitchen accessories

Autumn is preserving season. It is a time of abundance & traditionally people spent time collecting & preparing this bounty to keep them going through the winter. We no longer have need to do this — we will survive without them, but some people still enjoy doing it to connect with nature & the changing of the seasons. It is also a great way to nourish themselves and their families.

For this, consumers are bound to invest in meal preserving accessories like jars, new pots, food thermometers, bags, sieves, and colanders.

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