Returns - Products that have been purchased by consumers and returned to the retailer for a variety of reasons (customer returns), or returned to the manufacturer within warranty period (manufacturer returns)
​​Refurbished products - Products that have been used, but have gone through an inspection process and have been restored to like-new condition. They typically have a limited warranty (30 days, or no warranty whatsoever).
Overstock/obsolete - Products that did not make it to the retail shelf), closeout merchandise (products that were in the store but are no longer offered by retailer), or shelf pull (products that were in the retail store but pulled off the shelf to make room for new inventory).
Box Damaged - Product whose packaging was damaged in the distribution center and, for that reason, was never shipped to the retail store. These open box products were previously opened, so they may be slightly worn in appearance and will be re-taped.
There are no warranties on liquidation stock and purchases cannot be returned, unless there is a warranty time specified in the offer description. All product from surplus liquidators is sold "as-is where-is". This fact is reflected in the deeply discounted price for liquidation lots.
ARLL accepts payment ONLY by bank wire transfer. All purchases will require payment before merchandise is shipped. Your wire transfer will be made directly to ARLL.
The length of time can vary. On average, it takes two hours before it shows up in our account if the payment is made by express, or up to 2-3 working days if the payment is made in standard option.
Product is typically released within 48 hours after the wire has been received. You will have to inform ARLL Customer Service about the collection details: truck number, driver name and collection time and present reference of the order upon collection.
We have multiple locations across Europe. Each offer has a different warehouse.
The purchaser is responsible for and shall pay the cost of any and all shipping. This includes trucking, special handling (residential delivery, litigate, and call for appointment), duties, and clearing cost. ARLL can provide shipping services at discounted rates.
Email us asking for a shipping quote and please provide us with complete delivery details and any specific requirements of the destination warehouse.
1. Truckload shipments cannot be delivered to a residence or any residential area due to truck size constraints.
2. ​​It is required that the destination location has a loading dock or equipment to remove the pallets from the trailer (forklift, etc.).
3. ​​The destination location is responsible for the unloading of the pallets from the vehicle. The driver will not assist in unloading.
4. ​​Truckload carriers provide a maximum of two hours to unload the trailers. If two hours is exceeded, you will be charged additional detention charges.
5. ​​The process of scheduling the vehicle to pick up will begin once we receive and process payment for the purchased goods and freight.
Transit times are not guaranteed. This depends on the transit time.
Title and risk of loss to any merchandise pass to the buyer. The consignee must file claims with the carrier for damage in transit. Claims are handled directly between the shipper, consignee and the carrier. ARLL is not involved in the actual claims process and has no influence on the carrier's claim decision. Claims with the carrier must be filed within 90 days of delivery. The claimant should only file for loss or damage on the product which was shipped. ALWAYS be as concise as possible in noting specific damage on the delivery receipt. Mark any damaged or missing freight on the delivery BOL or CRM immediately!
None of the existing vendors that have subcontracted ARLL sales team allows stock inspection.
ARLL business model is based on remote work, thus every single ARLL member works from his/her house and we do not organize meetings with clients. We can make Skype video conferences upon request.
Read more about our business model.