Frequently asked questions: Amazon stock!

April 29, 2022 8:14 am

We received many questions over the years we have been on the market and yet a few stand out as they do define and clarify our modus operandi.

1. Is this genuine Amazon stock?
 – Yes, as you can see both in pictures & videos – the products are in Amazon original boxes.

2.    Is this primary source? 
–    Yes, each box has our company details on the shipping label – proving we are not traders, but primary source so you get the best price possible
3.    Is the stock sifted?
–    No, the stock is sold as it comes. We do not remove the best lines from the lists, we just build the pallets according to the packing lists presold.

4.    Where is the stock located?
–    The stock is located in our Romanian warehouse ( Borca Neamt)

5.    Can I inspect it?
–    No, because we have just a warehouse and there is no sales staff to attend you 

6.    What is the stock quality?
–    We do not open to check every single lot – but based on our customers’ feedback and on our online & offline stores – 95% of the stock is new – never used/ overstock and a 5% is made of incomplete / faulty / used items.

7.    How many items can you put on a pallet?
–    It depends on the size of Amazon boxes but roughly based on experience we put around +/-200 items

8.    Can I pick and choose only the products I want to buy?
– No, the lists as sold as it is

9.    What does it mean ASIN number?
–    If you google the ASIN number you will get a picture & product specification of the product you are buying

10.    How can I check the products upon receipt against the packing list?
–    Each product has an FCSku number on the label ( e.g. X0017KWTY5) which you find it both on the product and on the manifest
11.    What is UnitCost?
–    This is the Amazon cost – and in 99% of the cases it is lower than the REAL MARKET PRICE. So if you pay 10% against Amazon cost – in reality – you pay less than 6-7% of the real market price which gives you a chance for a higher profit margin

12.    What is the price I pay?
–    Each manifest has a certain price depending on the mix and it is around 9-10% Amazon cost. For example you can pay 7,000 euro for a batch with Amazon Retail value around 70,000 EURO.

13.    Is the transport included?
–    No, the prices are ex-works Romania, but since we work with major transport companies and we also have our own transport fleet – we can provide you very competitive rates during these days where the shipping is a major issue

14.    How fast can I receive my order?
–    Due to Amazon process, we guarantee to deliver the stock in 14 days after payment hits our account. There is also the possibility to deliver the order partially in 14 days and the balance in max 30 days and if there are any shortages – you will be credited.

15.    What happens if I have any problem?
–    ARLL Customer Support is here to assist you with any issue you have and to provide you with marketing insight on how to maximize the output.

16.    How can I maximize the return of the investment?
–    Since the stock is mainly new – you can fast re-sell it for a generous profit margin. We recommend you to use an initially price of 50% Amazon Cost ( 500% margin) to sell the best lines and to drop it in clearance for 20% for the remaining stock after few weeks, so you get a healthy profit, but a speed stock rotation also.

Here is an example:
Amazon 144 Mixed Lot – Overstock

Quantity: 5003 items
Total RRP: € 75,714
Price: € 7,500
Average price/ pc: € 1,49
Download packing list

Let us assume you paid €7,500 for lot 144 + €1,500 transport = €9,000 landing cost (RRP total of this lot – €75,714)
And you will sell in average for 45% RRP, therefore you will make average profit of 25,000 euro! (after deducting the landing cost of € 9000)

Note: This is a scenario based on one lot – but all the lots are similar! If you want to sell it faster => you can practice lower prices – but still the profit potential is more attractive than in the case you buy by kilo faulty small domestic appliances – hoping to wash & clean & repair, etc.

Here are some more examples of these profitable lots:

Amazon 145 Mixed Lot – Overstock

Quantity: 4308 items
Total RRP: € 72,306
Price: € 7,200
Average price/ pc: € 1,67
Profitability: 23,300 euro
Download packing list

Amazon 143 Mixed Lot – Overstock

Quantity: 4756 items
Total RRP: € 81,757
Price: € 8,100
Average price/ pc: € 1,70
Profitability: 27,190 euro
Download packing list

Amazon 142 Mixed Lot – Overstock

Quantity: 3516 items
Total RRP: € 61,034
Price: € 6,100
Average price/ pc: € 1,73
Profitability: 19,865 euro
Download packing list

Amazon 141 Mixed Lot – Overstock

Quantity: 3999 items
Total RRP: € 66,300
Price: € 6,600
Average price/ pc: € 1,65
Profitability: 21,735 euro
Download packing list

Amazon 139 Mixed Lot – Overstock

Quantity: 4587 items
Total RRP: € 87,284
Price: € 8,000
Average price/ pc: € 1,74
Profitability: 25,080 euro
Download packing list

Amazon 137 Mixed Lot – Overstock

Quantity: 4075 items
Total RRP: € 70,324
Price: € 7,000
download packing listAverage price/ pc: € 1,71
Profitability: 23,145 euro
Download packing list

17.    Can I buy regularly?
–    We have many lots available daily – and the contact is long term, so YES – you can build a sustainable business with ARLL as stock provider.

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