How to flip apparel for profit

November 2, 2022 10:35 am

Apparel is just another word for any item you wear – anything that decorates or covers. In its broadest sense, apparel includes coverings for the trunk and limbs (clothes, scarves) as well as coverings for hands (gloves), feet (shoes, sandals, boots), and head (hats, caps).

Apparel flipping is the process of buying items from trusted sellers and reselling them. Apparel flipping can be a great way to make some extra money while giving a new life to items that might have otherwise gone to the landfill. That is why flipping apparel is a great way to do your part in reducing the environmental footprint of the textile industry. The production, transportation, consumption, and disposal of clothing come with a heavy cost.

Here are some tips on how to flip apparel ethically and make some money:

  • Do your research in local stores and online and check what items sell well and for what prices.
  • Choose your supplier well. Working with the right supplier can mean the difference from success to failure. Apparel can be easily damaged if not handled well – therefore you need a trustworthy supplier which will provide good quality items and handle the whole order process and transportation with care.
  • Decide where you are going to sell. Will it be in your store, at a thrift fare, online, or a combination of those? All are great options and cover a big variety of customers.
  • Sell your products in the right season. Apparel is a category highly influenced by seasonality. Although some people might hunt bargains and purchase out of season items, most purchase on a need only basis. Consider when people might purchase certain products and prepare for that in advance.
  • Buy products that will sell well in your area. You know your local community best and the products that are successful there. Do they need mostly work items? Or sports attire? Check out what’s popular and purchase accordingly.
  • Set goals in terms of profit. Apparel flipping is not a passive income, you are working. Therefore, you need to set goals to be truly successful. One example of goal is to double your money in the first month. The goals will help you not to block your cashflow and accumulate too much stock.
  • Price items fairly. Pricing is probably one of the most important aspects of growing your reselling business. You can easily check online to see how much a particular item has sold for in the past.
  • Know what you are selling. To be a successful reseller, it’s crucial to have the knowledge of what you’re selling. Inspect your items and be ready to answer any questions your customers might ask.
  • Find adequate storage space. Consider you might need to store these products for a season or two until you find your buyers. If you arrange them properly, it will be easier for you to locate and sell the products quickly. Managing your inventory is critical, as you will be handling many products.
  • Always have stock. Always having products on deck might seem obvious, but it isn’t something you should overlook. It’s always best to always have something for shoppers to take a look at to keep them engaged. Discuss with your supplier to keep you informed on the best offers.

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