January 26, 2023 2:22 pm

Whether you are an experienced reseller or new on the market, one opportunity you don’t want to miss is furniture liquidation. Furniture reselling can be profitable as long as you are buying the right types of items.

And it’s not outdated or old furniture. New furniture from major retailers is available from overstocks or customer returns. These companies frequently liquidate furniture lots from their warehouses to free up space and make way for new items. Resellers can then purchase this inventory at deep discounts and introduce them into the secondary market. Solid wood furniture is usually the best option because it can be resold at a good price after it is fixed up.

To maximize your profits, follow these best practices when reselling furniture:

  • Create a showroom

Furniture is hard to try out online. Although some experienced home & garden resellers may try to go online, furniture needs shipping logistics that are expensive and complex. This type of inventory does best in a physical storefront.

It’s important to get creative and set up a showroom for your customers to come in and look at items in person. From there, they can visualize how it will look in their own space, get measurements and check all the color options. And if the client picks up their items, you avoid dealing with shipping big, bulky inventory.

  • Advertise

You can have a website to show your merchandise and advertise the showroom location. This way you get a lot more foot traffic and you make sure you increase your audience market.

  • Mix and match

If you see a packing list containing only single pieces and not sets, you should take them. There is a good chance people will buy one and get creative. Mixing and matching furniture has become the latest fashion. Even if it was last year’s style, shoppers will combine it with other pieces that they might already own.

  • Offer transportation

Offering this as a premium delivery service for some of your customers may attract others. Think of how much you would charge for delivering and installing items for customers and offer this for larger orders.

  • Have an outdoor & garden furniture section

New outdoor furniture is usually expensive, so most clients are looking for bargains. Try to purchase this category off-season and store it. Once spring arrives, take it out and sell it for a hefty profit!

When setting up your showroom, consider adding in some decorative pillows, blankets or rugs to go along with your main pieces. Not only do you get to cross-sell extra inventory, but you increase your chances of making the sale of the main item by helping shoppers have a “complete” picture-perfect feeling.

  • Good quality matters

This tends to be a no-brainer but certain types of furniture have more value. For example, real wood versus manufactured wood will always be more valuable. People search specifically for this and it makes sense that it will fetch higher returns. You can also look for inventory that is stain-resistant and kid-proof, which are two other big selling points.

ARLL is here to help you choose the right furniture inventory and navigate your new business, so you can start making profit quickly. To learn more and receive a personalized offer, please contact our sales team. You can also buy now directly from our website.

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