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In the world of B2B commerce, businesses are always on the lookout for lucrative opportunities that promise substantial returns on investment. One such industry that has consistently proven its profitability is the rug and carpet industry.

Why do we disclose our most successful campaign?! We need you successful. Your success and profit is our gain, as well. We help you grow your business and profit, you continue buying stocks with us. Everybody wins!

Do you feel like you are ready to start something new this year? What is the one thing that will make the difference towards achieving your goals? The aim of this article is to get you thinking and to inspire you to reach farther and achieve more than ever before. If you are overwhelmed by this prospect, start small, focusing on just one thing you want to accomplish. Here are a few ideas that could help you get started. 1. Organize your working space Start New Year fresh by implementing some changes into your working area and you’ll really manage...

In the first part of this article, we talked about the importance of shopper marketing for your business and shared some easy tactics related to the product and its placement that you can apply to make sure your products sell fast. Now let’s see which are the tactics related to promotion that you can use for the same purpose.

Shopper marketing is the practice that focuses on promoting products by addressing the customers directly while they are already in the physical store. It is extremely important as it can make a difference between a product being sold quickly or not. Shopper marketing makes a direct and instant impact influencing the behavior of customers.