Terms and Conditions of Seller

The Seller is the company that agrees to provide ARLL Group of Companies with their stock for the purpose of resale, subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

“14 Days Free Trial” refers to a 14 days period when the Seller may list 3 offers on our platform, without paying the monthly subscription. Our commission of 10% on sales will be in place for all sales, both on free trial and subscription period. At the end of the free trial, you will be able to list the number of offers per month based on the subscription you have chosen.

At the beginning of the trial period, PayPal will verify if Seller’s account and bank details are correct by making a 0 Euro payment. For a more details, please check PayPal info. https://www.paypal.com/us/cshelp/article/why-am-i-seeing-a-zero-dollar-deposit-or-prenote-from-paypal-on-my-bank-account-help775

In case the Seller will cancel the subscription, it will stop starting with the next month. There will be no refunds for the ongoing month.

The Seller agrees to ring-fence product quantities exclusively for sale by ARLL Group, for a pre-agreed period of time. Minimum of 30 days from the date the items are live on www.arll.eu

If a pallet/item is no longer available after it has been “sold” then the Seller will be liable for the commission to ARLL Group for the sale of the goods.

ARLL  Group commits to use its resources to promote and sell the inventory on behalf of The Seller, and will charge the above agreed commission rate, deducted from the sale price ex VAT.

The Seller shall indemnify and keep indemnified ARLL Group on demand for any claims, costs, damages, losses or expenses suffered or incurred by ARLL Group or its employees directly relating to the product offered by The Seller.

The Seller agrees that during the period of this agreement and for one year following termination for any reason, the Seller covenants with ARLL Group that it shall not directly or indirectly solicit the custom of or do any business with any person who shall have been introduced to The Seller by ARLL Group or shall have otherwise been a Trader (a “Prohibited Trader”), unless such person was already included in the Database.

During the continuance of this trial and at all times thereafter both parties shall take all steps, as may be required, to keep confidential and sensitive information received

The Seller will be responsible and liable for the shipping costs of stock in our nominated warehouse. ARLL Group will be responsible for the delivery of goods to the buyer.

 The Seller shall ensure that no reference is made to The Seller, or the source of the stock, whether through literature or shapes or logos, excepting unavoidable manufacturer marks, and ensure that no additional items (whether marketing or otherwise) are included in the pallet. ARLL Group reserves the right to spot check pallets & goods to ensure this. Costs of repackaging goods where such items have been removed will be recharged to the Seller

ARLL will release the sale proceeds to the Seller once ARLL has received confirmation from The Buyer that the goods delivered are consistent with the sale manifest: this shall be within 3-5 days of receipt of goods.

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