Who is ARLL and what do we do?

October 3, 2022 12:33 pm

If you are new here, let us introduce ourselves and explain who we are and what we do.

Who is ARLL?

Our story began in August 2011 when our CEO, Gina Ionescu, founded Attracting Real Leverage Ltd (ARLL) after being part of Britcom refurbish factory management team. She saw a gap in the market for a trusted sales force company for stock disposal partner for European retailers, distributors and manufacturers who wanted to get a good recovery rate against their assets, whilst also looking at new and non-conflicting channels to redistribute overstock into. So the idea to create a company who can provide services for both vendors and customers that are unique in Europe was born. The ARLL business model was built around the telecommuting concept, to offer time flexibility, boost productivity and retain talent, regardless of their location.

In May 2018 our retail store, Chilipirul Zilei, was born.

What Does ARLL Do?

Our main focus is to help Manufacturers/ Online Retailers/ Distributors to clear surplus stock/ overstocks and/or customer returned lots. We will take away the hassle and cost of recruiting and training an in-house sales team to sell the stocks and add-in a bonus: experienced marketing team to promote the stocks at their correct value. We have an online auction platform that is bringing together sellers and buyers in one transparent place to sell and purchase merchandise.

  • We help you sell slow moving stock. The solutions is to contract an outsourced sales company just for these products. You have no costs involved as you pay only after the sale has been done, your problematic stock gets sold, and you get new clients and possibly, an introduction to new markets. Our buyer portfolio has over 80,000 qualified buyers from all over the world.
  • We have a wide portfolio of vendors. We work with 30 regular vendors on behalf of whom we promote & sell millions of £ worth of stock. Our vendors highly appreciate our services and leave us handling the hassle of sales while they focus on their core business. We became part of their team, and they consult us on strategic decisions.
  • We offer amazingly low rates for the transport of the stocks we promote because we our own truck fleet, which we use only for our customers.
  • We have a high volume of stocks with very fast rotation. Therefore we don’t recommend/offer stock inspections – fast transactions are fast response to the customers from our side are the key to our business
  • We offer the best client service in the market. Our team is there to support you before and after the transaction.

Is ARLL Legit?

If you are working for the first time with us, you might want some guarantees. We want our buyers to feel comfortable and have a clear understanding every step of the way. For whatever merchandise your business is looking for, our team is ready to help guide all the way. So why should you work with us?

  • Because there are no hidden terms and conditions in our contract.
  • Our prices are transparent.
  • We offer the best customer service. We have liability insurance to allow us to give you highest protection.
  • We work with a huge variety of stocks, from multiple categories.
  • We offer you the best transport solution.
  • We strive for a long term relationship with you, so you can always count on our support throughout the purchase process.

You can also do a simple Google Search and look for us on Social Media and find by yourself all the details of our location and what older customers have to say about us. Here are some examples:

“I’ve been buying things from this company and I must confessed that the service here is absolutely at AAA rating.  The is guys got the best customer service and dedicated staff on stand by. Highly recommended”.

“ARLL ltd offers a great range of products and i have been a customer for a couple years now. The products that i have ordered were always as described, in good condition. Their customer service is very professional and reply to you as soon as possible. Outstanding and unique business model – you are truly building something that will change the way people work. I highly recommend them!”

“Thank you ARLL for your fantastic professional service from start to finish, i have used you for over 5 years now and service has always been gold class. Communication is brilliant with your company, your ethics and tone. I recommend you to anyone, your honest and transparent and always so smooth to do business with you. Thank you as always.”

“ARLL is a brilliant pan European platform for my company to sell its goods to a vast audience of buyers. Prompt payment and regular sales leads/ orders.”

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