June 18, 2021 12:55 pm

ARLL – sales & marketing services – this is the shortest description of who we are and what we do.

The work ARLL does is huge and often unseen by the vendors and customers, as they perceive us as middlemen or brokers – which is very far from the truth. ARLL is nothing like that! The services we provide both to vendors and customers are unique and no other company in Europe can offer the same.

We have contracts with all our vendors and all the stocks we sell are protected by our terms & conditions. There are confidentiality terms that our vendors agree to and this allows ARLL to protect itself from “jumpy “ customers! When ARLL signs a contract with a vendor and delivers results = sales, that vendor is obliged to protect ARLL’s interests and all those customers trying to skip ARLL and go directly to the source, will be informed that ARLL is the sales department and they must address exclusively to us. Our vendors always inform ARLL when a customer has contacted them directly and we can take strict measures against that client. So, if you, as a buyer from ARLL, once you purchased a stock from us intend to go straight to the source for the next deal, better think twice! If you want to keep having that type of stock you must continue your business with ARLL just as before, otherwise you might lose both your business with us and never again manage to get that stock you want for your clients. In this business we base our work exclusively on mutual trust. Our vendors trust ARLL to sell their stocks, we trust our vendors to be honest and share full open information at all times, and our customers must trust ARLL is their best partner and we will always do all we can to protect and serve their best interest.

Whenever possible and where the vendors allow it, we do our best to get the discounts our customer ask for, or at least negotiate on their behalf the best price.

So, if you are still asking yourself WHY ARLL? I believe the best reason is that ARLL can do all the hard work for you, handle all the hassle so to help you make the best deal and increase your revenue – this is worth both for the vendors as for the customers.

Choose ARLL and allow yourself the chance to make money without any effort whatsoever!