Winter Inventory Must Haves

November 17, 2022 1:07 pm

Winter is coming and the holiday season is just a few weeks away, bringing one of the biggest shopping opportunities of the year. But the ongoing tough economic times means shoppers will have their wallets strapped and will be on the lookout for the best offers and prices.

That’s where your reselling business comes in! Choosing the most attractive inventory for your customers will mean the difference between success and failure.

Start sourcing early this season with the right winter liquidation inventory! Here are the most important categories you should be looking at.


Apparel is one of the most gifted items during the holiday season, because everybody needs clothing. Shoppers will start to prepare for the cold weather by shopping for warm clothes like sweaters, jackets, new footwear, and winter activewear. Don’t forget pajamas and loungewear, two apparel categories still on the rise after the burst they had during the pandemic era.

Children’s toys

The global toys market reached a value of US$ 156.5 Billion in 2021 and is expected to grow with 7.5% by 2027 (IMARC Group). The biggest chunk of sales is always accomplished during winter, as most gifts for children are toys.

Everything from games, dolls, construction sets, puzzles and other indoor toys will be on the shoppers’ list of purchases.


During the cold weather, people spend more time at home and are starting to look for products that will add comfort to their home. Also appliances work overtime during the holidays, which means upgrades and replacements will be needed. Ovens, stovetops, TVs & electronics, refrigerators, washing machines, and many more home appliances will be purchased during this season.

Furniture and home decorations

During wintertime, everybody is getting their homes ready for the holidays. When there are relatives visiting and families gathering, furniture and accessories will be assessed. That may translate into getting new furniture, couches and beds and accessories like blankets, pillows and duvets.

Small gifts

During the holiday season, gifts are highly sought for! Friends and families are gathering more frequent and it’s always useful to have some small gifts on hand for everybody. That includes anything from all sorts of gadgets, kitchen accessories, beauty products, candles etc. Having a mixed products lot on hand covers all the gifting needs of your customers.

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